Sex: Male
Species: Dragonborn
Age: 20
Build: Large
Height: 6’8″
Weight: 250lbs
Eyes: Orange
Skin: Red Scales
Status: Active


I was born in a proud family of pure red dragonborn. But I was born with an anomaly. My scales are a red-orange colour instead of pure red. Because of it my family abandoned me in the woods shortly after birth. Not being able to fend for myself, I was close to starvation and death when an adult red dragon named Vanara found me. For over 15 years, she fed me, trained me and kept me safe, while helping me understand and adopting the moralities of the red dragons.

One day as we were making our way back home from hunting we were attacked by a band of dragon slayers hunting for treasure. She fought them with all she had in order to give me enough time to flee as I was still to weak to fight. After 3 days in hiding in our layer and no sign of her I made my way back down from the volcano peak to the place where we were attacked. There I discovered what was left of her dead body. These events made me adamant of leaving a life of good and following the Paladin Oath of Vengeance.

Since I never knew or wanted my family name after they abandoned me, I choose to call myself Rhogar son of Vanara or as people call me Rohgar The Just.

Wandering through the world I found myself near the city of Menzoberranzan. As I was walking I saw people running away from the city. As people run around me someone stopped and told me to run away, the city was under attack by the Duardin. As I rushed towards the city trying to help the injured I found myself in the slums of Menzoberranzan. Going through the corpses of Drow and Duardin looking for any survivors i noticed something strange. A young drow laying in the middle of the bloodshed, with what seemed like a faint flicker coming out of his chest. As I approached him the flicker died off and he stumbled up and started looking around.
Since that day I have been shadowing and protecting him from a distance, trying to figure out what that flicker and injury on his chest were, as he made his way through the Underdark for what seemed like an eternity. Until one day he made his way to Rivermouth, where I finally met Darkkin for the “first time”