Sex: Male
Race: Halfling
Build: Small
Height: 3’2″
Weight: 45lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Status: Deceased


Life for a halfing is hard enough, now imagine….

The moon was hidden behind the storm clouds and the rain was pelting down, or so I am told as this is the night I was conceived. My mother worked in the only tavern that served the three local villages, when the door blew open with a unnatural force. A clocked figure, shadowed from the heavy rain appeared in the doorway and his voice boomed a table for me and nine unlikely adventurers. As the door closed, my mother met my soon to be father for the first time, a silver haired, blue eyed sorcerer bastard.

The drinking commenced immediately and as the night wore on, the bastard sorcerer seduced my mother, I am sure as a joke, and Poikkeave here is the result. A slightly taller, silver haired, blue eyed halfling… Only a fool has to inquire further about my childhood, not of this world or the other ,the streets became my home.

Over the years, survival skills were learned, nimble, intelligence, patience are your friends on the streets. Some might call people of my stature,:thieves, kelptos, buglars, embezzler, pickpocket, sneak, ransacker… these are all very unsavory terms, personally the term that best describes me is: recovery specialist. In truth, my day time job is investigating the wrong doings of others and assist in bringing them to justice, not that this job helps my night time endevours in any way, shape or form.

On a more personal note, I prefer to work alone, however I can work in groups and gladly share the spoils. I will, ahem, recover what was rightfully mine at a later time and date.

Don’t ask me about the silver mouse that will not leave my side, I said don’t ask…. Fine, I’ll tell you, I am not sure why he appeared one pitch dark night, the only reason I saw him in the first place is because of his piercing blue eyes that almost shone in the darkness. I have attempted to leave him in various places, some I was sure he would never get out of, but just to have him return a few days later. I’ve almost forgotten he is around, almost like he is a part of me.

I should also mention, though it’s not really that important, but it’s best to have these … umm… inconveniences out in the open. Theres a small town, not so far from Luskan, where the ruler mistreated his people. So I took it upon myself to help rectify that wrong and allow him to experience how common people really lived. Who knew shiny rocks could be worth so much, or I could fit quite comfortably in a barrel upon a ship. Long story short, I do try to avoid they unpleasant town as much as possible.