Sex: Male
Race: Tiefling
Build: Medium
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 161lbs
Hair: Platinum
Eyes: Violet and cat like
Status: Active


Orphaned at an early age, Malefon was never told of his father, as his mother would not tell anyone, but his obvious physical traits point to his having been an infernal of some description. Being visibly different and without a father, he was given to the hunters’ lodge upon his mother’s death where they reluctantly began training the accursed child, despite his origins, as lean times make for desperate people.

Shortly before achieving manhood within the tribe, a mid-night raid by Illithids and their bugbear thralls killed or captured all the members of his tribe. Whether by luck or design, Malefon was left for dead. On waking he was able to use the wisdom his teachers had passed along and track the raiders to the gateway to the Underdark from which they had launched their attack. Slowly, over the course of years he slowly explored the sunless realm, learning how to feed and shelter himself from the dangerous denizens, all the while trying to locate his lost tribe.

One day, he happened upon Drow caravan that was camped along one of the trade routes. The caravan was camped for the long rest, and the slaves penned, and he snuck into the encampment to see if he recognized any of the salves. Happening upon an older slave, Malefon recognized the stitch-work on the old man’s clothing. When pressed about his clothing, the old man related that it had been obtained from the discards of a slave group that had been sold to the Kuo-toa.

Having made it so far only to find his quest a failure, Malefon spent months making his way back to the surface.

Tribeless, Malefon now wanders the lands hoping to find a way to honor the dead that haunt his dreams, and perhaps, someday, pay the Illithids back for his loss.