Sex: Male
Race: Dark Elf
Build: Medium
Height: 6″
Weight: 90lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Skin: Ash coloured
Status: Deceased


As a young elf, Darkkin had shown great potential in the arts of sorcery. His mother brought him to Menzoberranzan to study under the great sorceress Alauniara. Years went by an Alauniara treated Darkkin poorly as he was male after all. One day as he was sent off to clean the spider stables, the Duardin tried to invade Menzoberranzan. Killing everyone in the mage district. Darkkin ran towards his master, but recieved a warhammer to the throat. When he woke up, he noticed corpses everywhere and a incision in his chest. The ninth year students of melee magthere who served as the guards of Tier Breche, must of been alerted and came to slaughter the evil dwarves. Bodies of both Drow and Duardin layed everywhere. Now homeless and masterless. Never having finished his training, Darkkin started wandering the Underdark. Further and further from his home, till one day, when he finally made it topside. Awkwardly venturing above ground, Darkkin made it to an inn, in the village of Rivermouth where he met a Dragonborn named Rhogar Hellstorm.