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Sluggy Caveman Asterix

Part time artist who dabbles in photography, 3D modeling, miniature painting and many other mediums


Donkey X follows the classic tale of Don Quijote, his “squire”, Sancho Panza, Sancho’s donkey, Rucio (who wants to be a horse) and a real horse, Don Quijote’s faithful steed, Rocinante (who hates leaving his stable) on their adventure to duel the “Knight of the Moon” where, if Don Quijote wins the duel the true identity of Dulcinea will be revealed.


This is definitely not your Shrek or Up quality film. This little spanish film, trying to capitalize on the popularity of other 3D animated films kinda fell flat. On the technical side, it can’t be faulted, the modeling and textures are pretty good, but you can tell they spent more time working on the main characters then anything else, there’s no famous actors lending their voices to the film and the story seems more like a spoofed telling of the classic story.
I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys the tale of the wandering knight and just wants to escape in movie about an other time…