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So the lemon car saga continues.

For those not in the know… My Santa Fe, which has been running great since the day I got it 5 years ago (barring it getting totaled 2 months after getting it) was about to out live it’s warranty. About 5 days before the expiration, my power windows, locks and mirrors stopped working. I took a look and found that all three systems were all under the same 30amp fuse… that had blown. So… I went to Canadian Tire, bought a new one, put it in and everything started working.

The next day, it blew again. So I called the dealership and booked an appointment… for 2 days before the warranty expiry. Bring it in, and get a call later that day stating that the cause was a badly insulated wire in the door.

So I pick it up and drive home. The following day, I’m leaving work and all those power systems stop working again… Look under the hood and the fuse is blown again. So… back to the dealership.

They look at it all day long and call me, telling me they can’t figure out what the cause is, so they placed an order to get a new fuse box. I get to the dealership… I don’t even get out of their parking lot before it blows again.

A week goes by, nothing from them, so I call them… they tell me that the part hasn’t arrived. An other week goes by and still nothing… so I call them again, oh it’s in, you can bring it in on Friday (it’s Monday).

Friday arrives, I drop it off at 7:30am… ask them if I should just wait, or take the courtesy shuttle back to work. They tell me they won’t get to it till the afternoon… I go outside and see them bring the car in. I ask them again… No no, they’re just making room in the lot. I’m about to get on the shuttle and see them opening the hood… ask one last time… again, they tell me to just go… The shuttle drops me off and they call me to tell me it’s ready…

The weekend goes by and all is working… starting to get my hopes up, until I’m out at lunch yesterday and can’t close the windows… I had a spare fuse, so I pop it in… it blew.. so I’m stuck with the windows up and it looks like it’s going to rain.

Call the dealership and get an appointment for 1pm… I drive it in, they had closed the case… After blowing up at them, they agree it’s the same issue and should still be covered.

So I get a call from them a few minutes ago… and they now think it’s the ETAC… but they don’t have the part in house and have to order from overseas… so I’ll be an other week without windows… Now, they assured me this is the cause, but mentioned that if this isn’t it… they have NO IDEA what it could be.