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Many times, you hear critics use a line such as “This movie has something in it for everyone” Well… I have to admit, How To Train Your Dragon is one of those movies.
Enter Hiccup, a young viking (voiced fellow Ottawanian, Jay Baruchel), who wants nothing more then to fit in… Unfortunately… he doesn’t… at all… After an attack to their village by dragons… Hiccup uses one of his inventions, to try and help… and actually hits a dragon (and injures it). When no one believes him, he sets off to find where the dragon fell… and doesn’t have the heart to kill it. Instead, he nurses it back to health and they become friends.
His father (voiced by Gerard Buttler), the village’s chief sets off for an other adventure and sends his Hiccup for Dragon Hunting training.
Hiccup, moves up the ranks by using tricks he’s learned from his pet dragon “Toothless”. Eventually, he becomes top of the class and wins the honor to kill his first dragon.. he refuses to do it and well… I won’t ruin this great film for you… go out and see it… it’s worth every penny. My main complaint about this film… I didn’t want it to end.
An other film from the DreamWorks Animation powerhouse… and I have to say… they are definitely doing something right.
There’s a great article on CG Society, that goes in details on the cloth, fur and fire in this film.